The chef from Almenar, Ivan Pascual, today presented some details of his participation in the Grand International Final of the World Chocolate Masters, an event that brings together the best chefs from 21 countries and will take place next October in Paris.

Ivan Pascual explained that the bases have already been published explaining the details of the contest, the structure, the type of test and the duration, among other aspects. And he highlighted two elements that for him are very determinant, on one hand, he will need to perform seven tests in a very tight times that will force him to be very precise and effective in the technical development and, on the other hand, the requirement to include in the creations fresh product.

For this reason Ivan Pascual is working hard on the technique of creation and referring to the product, he has been collecting information and carrying out different tests to include his creations the products that provide the most value and creative richness. Given the competitive nature of the event, the chef has not been able to reveal all the secrets of its creation but he explained that it will include local products such as honey, extra virgin olive oil or stone fruit.

Since winning the state trophy, Ivan Pascual has participated in different activities promoted by Cacao Barry, promoter of the contest, which has led him in recent weeks to develop his own chocolate at the Academy of Chocolate in Paris, to know the latest news in equipments of the world of confectionery in Italy and improve their skills and stimulate creative thinking and competitive spirit recently in Germany.


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Ivan highlighted the opportunity that this contest means for him to know other chefs, learn from them, establish new contacts and develop their ideas and creative processes.

He also explained that to develop this route that will take him to Paris next October, he has surrounded himself with a technical team that has stood out as a key element to achieve this goal with guarantees and in which his team participates habitual of Cal Gumer Events, the creative team of CactuSoup and the management of the communication of the Agency Oma. 

In addition, in order to have the necessary resources for the different technical elements, logistical aspects and technological developments, the project has the collaboration of partners that provide not only economic resources but also, in some cases, technology or product . The partners are Mels Alemany, the multinational Debic milk, the Pons Group's oils, Prefabricados Pujol, the ingredient manufacturer for gastronomy, SOC CHEF, institutions and entities such as the Diputació de Lleida, Almenar Town Hall, the Candidacy of the Cerro de la Seu Vella and the Gremi de Pastissers, together with the technical support of Events 91, the Oma Agency, CactuSoup and Cal Gumer Events. 

For today, an act of presentation and recognition to the partners of the project will be held that will take place in the La Seu Vella room and that will include a dinner experience offered by Cal Gumer Events.

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