The theme proposed by Cocoa Barry for the next World Chocolate Masters edition goes far beyond a simple theme selected at random for a contest. To translate into a work of art and taste as it will be confectionery and the chocolate shop in the future is undoubtedly a challenge.

"Futropolis" is based on the growing phenomenon of mega cities. In 2025, it is speculated that more than half of the world population will live in cities of 10 million or more inhabitants. This will represent surely determining changes in our way of life, work, leisure and power.

Ramon Morató, creative director of Cacao Barry, proposes a very plausible scenario, "plants will have grown on the ground and on the roofs of the city." Gastronomy will collaborate with science and technology to create new multisensory sensations. Chefs will collaborate with designers, engineers and scientists to create new forms of edible food packaging and reduce food waste. The creation of food will focus on the moods and the welfare of consumers."

Imagine how chocolate and pastry will be in general, how it will be produced, presented and tasted in this urban environment. This is the main challenge facing the chefs next October in the Paris final of the World Chocolate Masters.



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